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WellDerma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller

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Роликовый массажёр для лица Wellderma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller с платиновым покрытием предназначен специально для контурного массажа лица и зоны декольте.

The product works on all facial muscles, effectively tightens the contour, helps smooth out wrinkles, and provides a lifting effect.Reduces swelling, boosts blood flow, and helps improve skin tone.

The massager provides a noticeable lifting effect, enhances skin firmness and elasticity, and serves as an excellent anti-aging preventive measure.Enhances facial contours and shapes a V-line, prevents the formation of a double chin, and inhibits skin sagging.

The product is an innovative roller, developed based on the latest scientific advancements, capable of targeting even the smallest facial muscles. It features an ergonomic shape and a beautiful, modern design.Platinum-coated ball rollers are suitable even for sensitive skin

The massager feels pleasant to hold, encouraging daily use, as the product provides a delightful sensation and delivers a noticeable lifting effect.

Suitable for sensitive skin, it does not stretch or damage it.


Проводите роллером по массажным линиям лица, снизу вверх или от центра лица к краям контура. Рекомендуется использовать совместно с сывороткой для лица

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