Rare Paris Mask Set - 4 Pieces
Rare Paris Mask Set - 4 Pieces

Rare Paris Mask Set - 4 Pieces

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When to use:

In the morning to start the day successfully, in the evening to unwind after a stressful day, in winter or summer, in a rush or during leisure, when your skin needs to say: "Stop and start afresh." Your lifestyle, your rules, your choice.

What are the advantages?

Deeply hydrates, invigorates the skin and awakens its radiance, soothes the skin when it becomes sensitive due to external factors, nourishes the skin when it feels tight and loses elasticity, helps the skin eliminate impurities and reduce imperfections, strengthens the skin barrier, enhances comfort, transforms your cosmetic routines, simplifies skincare, changes your daily habits.

What you will no longer see:

Dehydration, lack of radiance, minor irritations, redness, discomfort, tightness, weakened skin, lack of comfort and elasticity, impurities, blemishes, enlarged pores.

Volume: 4 types of masks

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