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Dr.Jart+ Rejuvenating BB Beauty Balm Creams Silver Label SPF35 PA++

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Dr.Jart+ Rejuvenating BB Beauty Balm Creams Silver Label will help restore your skin's youthful, well-groomed, and refreshed appearance!This cream is perfect for anyone with aging, dull, and sagging skin. This product is designed with mature skin in mind – it doesn't settle into wrinkles, doesn't highlight flakiness, and most importantly, it provides a noticeable lifting effect.

Advantages and Features of Use:

  • The product features a pleasant texture and spreads easily on the skin, leaving no mask-like effect;
  • The BB cream effectively conceals enlarged pores, hides skin imperfections, freckles, and post-acne marks, without creating a mask-like effect.
  • BB cream can be layered on problematic areas of the skin, using it as a pigmented concealer.

The BB cream contains natural ingredients:

Aloe vera juice – hydrates the skin, eliminates inflammatory processes, provides a "balancing" effect, acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

Extract from guana leaves and Ghana tree – eliminates flaking, inhibits bacterial growth, dries out pimples, and helps to improve skin tone.

Thanks to its light, non-greasy consistency, the BB cream does not clog pores and does not provoke inflammation.Another distinctive feature of the product is its universal shade, which is suitable for individuals with both warm and cool skin tones. The product offers a high level of ultraviolet protection with SPF35 PA++, effectively blocking the harmful effects of UV radiation, making the BB cream safe for use during the summer.

Usage: apply a small amount of cream to the face and distribute evenly with light tapping motions to achieve a uniform tone.

Volume: 40 ml.

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