Dermarssance Oxygen Core Activator Treatment Set
Dermarssance Oxygen Core Activator Treatment Set

Dermarssance Oxygen Core Activator Treatment Set

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Dermarssance Oxygen Core Infuser Program Skin Care Set with an oxygen concentration device and 4 types of activators such as (Collagen+Elastin / Hyaluronic Acid+Azulene / Ectoin+Ceramides / Peptides+EGF)

Intended Audience for This Kit:

  • For those who do not see results even from expensive cosmetic products
  • For those who wish to independently care for their skin at home
  • For those burdened with costly skincare expenses
  • For those who require home care regardless of location due to a busy work schedule
  • For those with sagging skin or lacking vitality

Oxygen coverage:

Ensures an adequate supply of oxygen for skin cell regeneration and purifies it, preventing aging and imparting vitality

The absorption rate of nanoparticle activators varies:

The effect of skin penetration, allowing nutrients to be delivered instantly, as the constant and fine nanoparticles are absorbed into the skin without lingering on its surface.

Simple and convenient use in a home setting:

Thanks to the compact ergonomic device, the Oxygen Core Infuser, at-home aesthetic care is on par with professional skincare.

A comprehensive anti-aging program that strengthens and restores the skin's structure. Systematic care ensuring 100% delivery of the 4 essential nutrients that make up the skin.


Set of 20 ampoules of 4 different types for spraying:

5 ampoules of Collagen+Elastin

5 ampoules of Hyaluronic Acid + Azulene

5 ampoules of Ectoin + Ceramides

5 ampoules Peptides+EGF



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