LES BOIS The Traveler's Care Universal Face Serum
LES BOIS The Traveler's Care Universal Face Serum
LES BOIS The Traveler's Care Universal Face Serum

LES BOIS The Traveler's Care Universal Face Serum

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LES BOIS The Traveler's Care universal face serum.

"White willow and nettle" / 99.5% natural.

This one-of-a-kind natural serum strengthens the skin's barrier against environmental impacts and provides long-lasting care to maintain the beauty and health of your skin. Clinically proven deep hydration combines the antioxidant power of vitamin C and quercetin to give your skin a radiant glow. While nettle cleanses the skin and regulates sebum production, white willow extract balances and soothes it.
The lightweight, non-greasy formula mattifies the skin and evens out the complexion.

Key Ingredients of French Origin:
White Willow: Salicin breaks down dead cells and gently exfoliates the skin. Also suppresses bacteria responsible for acne and enlarged pores. Regulates the production of skin oil.
Stinging Nettle: soothes and purifies sensitive skin due to its high mineral salt content
and trace elements (sulfur, zinc, copper...). Hyaluronic Acid: Anti-aging benefits, hydrates and firms the skin.
Oat kernels: instantly firm the skin's surface, providing a toning effect.

Additional Ingredients:
EUK 134: a super-antioxidant that protects the skin from premature aging. Quercetin: enhances skin radiance, hydrates, and protects against UV rays.
Arginine: An amino acid that helps keep the skin hydrated and smooth. Vitamin C: evens out and smooths the skin.
Menthol lactate: restores damaged skin and soothes it.

Volume: 30ml

How to Use:

Apply a few drops to your face and neck after cleansing and drying your skin. Gently massage until the product is fully absorbed. Avoid contact with eyes.

For optimal results, use twice daily, either on its own or before applying thicker formulations.

This is a natural product, so please store it in a cool, dark, and dry place.


aqua (water) – glycerin – urtica dioica (stinging nettle) leaf extract* – sodium hyaluronate – apigenine – salix alba (willow) bark extract – avena sativa (oat) kernel extract* – ascorbyl glucoside  tocopherol – glycine soja oil – quercetin – menthyl lactate –cellulose gum – ethylbisiminomethylguaiacol manganese chloride – caramel – cellulose – xanthan gum – gluconolactone –maltodextrin** – sucrose palmitate – sodium benzoate – lecithin – tocopheryl acetate – glyceryl linoleate – calcium gluconate – benzyl

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