Laka Wild Brow Shaper - Balance

Laka Wild Brow Shaper - Balance

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From clear and strong hold to clear and delicate natural hold.
A high-strength eyebrow shaping product that remains as originally formulated,

not immediately after use.
Contains panthenol, which supports the health of eyebrow hair.
The arrow-shaped brush precisely combs the eyebrows, ensuring high-quality styling

is suitable even for those who lack makeup skills.

3 TYPES (Please specify the required type when ordering!):

#Strong - Create a defined and neat appearance, as if these were your natural eyebrows.

The ideal eyebrow liner with a precise and powerful transparent formula.

It possesses the highest holding power among the three shaping products.

#Volume - The texture is transparent, while the thickness is rich and dense.

A rich black shade to shape wild brows.
#Balance - Creates a gentle impression by using subtle granules one after another.

A gentle brow shaping product, Wild, featuring a rich formula in a natural brown shade.

Volume: 9g

Method of application:

Using a brush, stroke along the eyebrows and apply the required amount of product.

The brow fringe is combed along with the texture of the upper part, angled in the middle and towards the tail.

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