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RYO Scalp Cooling Tonic

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Cooling scalp tonic to prevent hair loss makes your strands smooth, silky, and shiny, while strengthening and increasing their elasticity. Nourishes and restores hair from roots to tips. Makes hair thicker and stronger, adds root volume, and prevents breakage and split ends.Strengthens hair follicles and protects against harsh external factors.

Provides 5 benefits for scalp protection:

Reduction of skin sebum by 81.08%

Hair loss reduction, verified by the Korean MFDS

Reduction of scalp heating by 6%

Increase in scalp moisture by 103.9%

Reduction of scalp flaking by 40.6%

Developed based on Ginsen9EX for the treatment of 9 scalp and hair symptoms using advanced scientific achievements and a combination of 9 ingredients, including whole ginseng.Ginseng extract is utilized for hair loss prevention. The hair follicles are strengthened, skin tone is enhanced, and a powerful health-boosting effect is provided by nourishing the skin, leading to the growth of healthy and strong hair. Thanks to the essential oil of white wormwood, the skin becomes firm and toned, with improved texture and tone. Additionally, it combats free radicals and exhibits antioxidant properties. This plant in cosmetology possesses anti-inflammatory properties, capable of alleviating irritations, swelling, and redness of the skin.Eucalyptus essential oil nurtures hair structure and strengthens it; combats dandruff on the scalp; promotes epidermal tissue regeneration, and whitens pigment spots on the face and other parts of the body.

Suitable: for all hair types.Particularly effective in addressing oiliness and lack of root volume.

Volume: 150ml.

Method of application: apply to cleansed hair after shampoo and hair mask. Shake the tonic gently, then carefully apply it to the scalp. Massage the scalp and wait for the product to be fully absorbed

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